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27 April 2006

28th April - Scream Roller

This week on Bike Love I caught up with some of our colourful Sydney bicycle messengers and witnessed their inagugural scream roller! A stationary bicycle race on rollers. I had a go myself and did incredibly badly... 480m on a stationary bike is a lot harder than it looks... honest! Sexy roller bike set up by ChainRing Transit Authority... very cool looking bikes they got there!

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21 April 2006

21st April - Transportation

This weeks Bike Love talks to Adam Hogan of Cheeky Monkey fame about cycling strictly as a means of transportation. We know you can get cool looking road bikes and some fully sick mountain bikes but what about when you just want to get around town... Cycling needn't be classified as 'sport only'. Bike Love is going to try and poke around all the other cool cycling ventures that exist... Adam (pictured here with his sporty girlfriend Tiff) gives us a bit of an intro this week!

13 April 2006

Bike Love is going down... loadable

In the next couple of weeks every show from Bike Love will be available to download as a podcast. This includes previous shows! A big thank you to Andrew Dodds for making this happen! Ride on!

12 April 2006

14th April - Commuter Stories

On Bike Love this week I talk to a handful of the many cycling commuters who pedal into the city across Pyrmont bridge. Every day, so many cyclists use the bridge on their commute so I apprehended a few of them to find out a little bit more about their journey! There's some inspiring tales among them and I'm not sure you'd get as flavoursome accounts from commuters in their cars!

05 April 2006

7th April - Critical Mass

Critical Mass is an unorganised coincidence which happens the last Friday of every month... All around the world cyclists meeting on that Friday and ride en masse through the urban streets... sharing a public space, raising awareness.... If you have done any cycling at all in Sydney then you should check out Critical Mass... the feeling of riding safely, being part of a majority in peak hour is something worth savouring! It's a very polite protest in a city that is slave to the motor vehicle... you don't need to be a radical to take part... just someone who cycles! Meet at 5.45pm at the Fountain in Hyde Park. I took part last week... listen to Bike Love at 11am on 2SER to find out just how radical I got! And check out these photos