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27 February 2006

Cycle lanes on Park St

This morning... was stunned!! Cycling down Park St, which I do every morning on the way to work, and lo and behold... cycle lanes, clear as day from Elisabeth to George St! Felt a little more entitled to some of my own space on the road. Wonder how long it will take for the rest of the CBD to get equipped with some decent cycle lanes?

21 February 2006

Penny Farthing National Championships - Evandale, Tasmania

Have just come back from a high wheeled adventure at Evandale, Tasmania... home of the National Penny Farthing Championships!All sorts of mad individuals meet up once a year to race against one another... And we're not talking just for fun. This is very serious! I went down with my partner Paddy and other many members of the Dulwich Cycling Club! There were some crazy events... slaloms, slow race, Penny Farthing bi-athlons and of course the main championship event itself...

Well Paddy did us all proud, he regained his title as Penny Farthing National Champion and can now continue to boast about his feat in pubs across the land!


Bike it

Bruce Ashley came into the studio last week to talk to me about the 2nd edition of Bike it... A fantastic guide to all the back streets of Sydney and general info on how to give yourself a cool bicycle lifestyle! Sydney doesn't have to be all about Parramatta Road and George St! Some of the backwaters are really the journey along the creek in Annandale... cycling around quiet roads, taking your time you get to notice all sorts... feel a real part of this living, breathing city!
The book should come with a small word of warning... namely that it can create a bit of a ruckus with your loved ones! Especially ones with a strong, keen sense of direction and no need of maps!

My picture

I've had a couple of requests for my photo... which is always nice! Can't seem to work the profile properly... so will post it here. The Penny Farthing isn't my usual steed of choice but hey... it demonstrates my skill set!

Early days...

I'll be meeting up with the main dude at 2SER to record a radio segment next week. Am aiming to do an introductory gambit... nothing too obscure... maybe tring to dispell some of the myths around cycling in Sydney. Adam from Cheeky Monkey has kindly offered himself as first interviewee! No pressure there then! Would love to hear anyone's thoughts on why people don't cycle!

Houston we have lift off!

After a relatively short meeting with one of the guys at 2ser things are looking pretty optimistic... They've suggested initially including BikeLove into one of their shows as a regular time slot. A short 5 - 7 minutes to begin with. They were also intereseted in featuring longer style audio doco's depending how things go. I've got some ideas for interesting bits and
pieces but if anyone has any cycling topics/issues/events that they'd think would make a cool radio slot I'd love to hear from you. Looks like I'm going to have busy festive season!