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21 February 2006

Penny Farthing National Championships - Evandale, Tasmania

Have just come back from a high wheeled adventure at Evandale, Tasmania... home of the National Penny Farthing Championships!All sorts of mad individuals meet up once a year to race against one another... And we're not talking just for fun. This is very serious! I went down with my partner Paddy and other many members of the Dulwich Cycling Club! There were some crazy events... slaloms, slow race, Penny Farthing bi-athlons and of course the main championship event itself...

Well Paddy did us all proud, he regained his title as Penny Farthing National Champion and can now continue to boast about his feat in pubs across the land!



  • At 4:33 PM, Anonymous hammer oids said…

    More photos of that daring, dashing big wheel riding hunk o' man please!


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