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25 February 2009

BikeLove has moved web addresses

It's been a while but BikeLove is in Sydney and back on air!
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19 February 2007

19th February 2007 - London snows

Riding scuppered by snow...

29 October 2006

28th October - Eddy

So... a few things have happened. Met Jack Thurston of Bike Show fame and we went over to the Bicycle Trade show here in London. Lots of glittering merchandise on display... the Velorbis bicycles are looking very sweet. We also heard that Eddy Mercx was likely to be there and we were fortunate enough to meet him. At 65yrs he's looking pretty good, tall and a lot leaner than other photos I've seen of him. Although he's only riding about 7000kms a year (!!) nowadays. He says he was born with a bicycle in the stomach and will die with one in his stomach!

The bicycle scene really is rolling in London... lots of folded bikes (mostly Bromptons), some old classics and a few single speeds thrown in for good measure. Will be interesting to see how winter effects things. I've already been eyeing off some warmer gloves... although can't complain, weather is 18 degress today, blue sky and sunny!

Will keep you posted... adios.

08 October 2006

7th October 2006 - My commute to Uni

Very different commute to Sydney but interesting nonetheless... have captured some of the highlights here.

Me on the left (hardly a highlight)... My new steed... a steady Puch inherited from Mum.

Views across Peckham Rye... Autumn turning...

And the lovely view across from
Waterloo Bridge... The Eye and
of Parliament...

And (on the right) a tunnel under London Bridge station... pretty spooky!

Classice Icon!

20 September 2006

Radio bike love is in London

If you were wondering why it all went quiet.... well Radio Bike Love has temporally moved to London. Well for 2 years at least. I'll be trying to keep things up to date on cool stuff happening over this part of the world as we gently head towards winter....

stay posted. And try and listen to Bicycle Heaven on Street Stories this Sunday at 6pm on Radio National!

03 August 2006

4th August - Pedapod

Exciting news for Sydney... we have our own fleet of bicycle taxi's! Somewhat more advanced than a rickshaw, these are a new breed of 21st century green taxi's. Manly council look interested in putting in 8 Pedapods in their neck of the woods. Fares for a taxi ride in the CBD is around $7... not bad for the feel of the wind in your hair. The Pedapod team are pretty excited about their new venture and if you fancy a refreshing taxi ride you can meet them around Circular Quay, Martin Place or Wynyard Park.

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28th July - Cycling in the rain

This week BikeLove took the opportunity to gather some of your thoughts about cycling in the rain... I began by hating it... and have slowly come around. It's about equipping your mind with a good slice of resilience before you set out. Failing that... a good pair of mudguards don't go amiss!

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21 July 2006

21st July - Unicycle hockey

If you thought riding a unicycle was challenge enough for one day... how about unicycle hockey?! I met up with a group of guys who meet up every Sunday around 10.30am behind Newtown public school to play one wheeled hockey. Some were former jugglers others unicycle afficianados and a couple were attending the Unicyle hockey world championships in Switzerland. If anybody is even slightly curious about unicycling I highly recommend checking out the guys on a Sunday morning... they would make you feel extremely welcome. You can email

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