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03 August 2006

4th August - Pedapod

Exciting news for Sydney... we have our own fleet of bicycle taxi's! Somewhat more advanced than a rickshaw, these are a new breed of 21st century green taxi's. Manly council look interested in putting in 8 Pedapods in their neck of the woods. Fares for a taxi ride in the CBD is around $7... not bad for the feel of the wind in your hair. The Pedapod team are pretty excited about their new venture and if you fancy a refreshing taxi ride you can meet them around Circular Quay, Martin Place or Wynyard Park.

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28th July - Cycling in the rain

This week BikeLove took the opportunity to gather some of your thoughts about cycling in the rain... I began by hating it... and have slowly come around. It's about equipping your mind with a good slice of resilience before you set out. Failing that... a good pair of mudguards don't go amiss!

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