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27 April 2006

28th April - Scream Roller

This week on Bike Love I caught up with some of our colourful Sydney bicycle messengers and witnessed their inagugural scream roller! A stationary bicycle race on rollers. I had a go myself and did incredibly badly... 480m on a stationary bike is a lot harder than it looks... honest! Sexy roller bike set up by ChainRing Transit Authority... very cool looking bikes they got there!

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  • At 11:17 AM, Blogger cheekazoids said…

    that was aweseome Jeo!

    great ambiance.

    Those couriers sure are crazy

  • At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Shifty said…

    Great show.
    U really managed to capture the feel of the night. Listening to that brought back awesome memories.
    Nice one

  • At 2:33 PM, Anonymous ABSENT EXPRESS POSTIE said…



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